The ZKOO camera Application and Firmware update is now available. This update is recommended for all ZKOO camera users.

After the Application update is completed, the Firmware will be updated when ZKOO is started up for the first time. Follow the instructions below to update both the Application and Firmware for ZKOO.

Updating the ZKOO camera Application

  • Uninstall the current version of the ZKOO camera Application
    • Open Control Panel, and under Category choose Uninstall a Program
    • Choose ZKOO and uninstall
  • Click on the blue “Windows Download” button above to download the new ZKOO camera Application. The file name is ZkooSetup-0.9.8130-en.msi.
  • Open the downloaded file ZkooSetup-0.9.8130-en.msi and install the ZKOO camera Application.

Updating the ZKOO camera Firmware

  • Connect the ZKOO camera to the AC adapter and USB Y-cable.20160909-web_connect
  • Connect the other end of the Y-cable to the USB port on your PC.
  • Launch the ZKOO Application.
  • Click OK when the Firmware update dialog window appears.
  • A series of 2 Firmware updates will be performed. During the Firmware update and also after completion, you will be asked to disconnect the ZKOO camera from the AC adapter and then re-connect. Please follow the on-screen prompts during the Firmware update process. (* When you re-connect ZKOO, an error message window may appear. Please ignore the message and close the window. The firmware update will continue to run without any issues.)
  • After successful update of the ZKOO camera Firmware, the Firmware version in the Settings menu should display 1.1.8109.0.

What’s NEW

ZKOO camera Firmware
  • Improved accuracy and speed of face and hand detection
  • Improved stability of gesture controls
  • Changes to LED
    • Red light – ZKOO camera is not in operation. Launch the ZKOO camera Application to start gesture controls.
    • Blue light – ZKOO camera is ready to detect gestures.
  • Automatic adjustment of camera FPS
  • Backlight compensation
Windows ZKOO camera Application
  • Automatic adjustment of camera FPS(Settings Menu)
  • Backlight compensation(Settings Menu)
  • LED brightness adjustment (Settings Menu)
  • Other minor fixes