Exvision: a Tokyo based technology startup specializing in high speed computer vision

Exvision, the creator of ZKOO, is a spinoff of world-renowned Ishikawa Watanabe Laboratory at Tokyo University. Drawing from decades of high speed computer vision research, Exvision is developing cutting-edge technologies with potential applications in human-machine interface, AR/VR, robot, drone, automotive, security, and surveillance.

Please visit http://exvision.co.jp/en/ for more information about Exvision.

ZKOO: the quest to create the world’s most advanced gesture tracking camera

In 2010 Microsoft announced the release of Kinect for Xbox, introducing gesture controlled gaming to the world. At the time, we realized our Hi-Speed Vision technology could be applied to solve the major issue that plagued existing gesture technologies: high latency, also known as lag. Without a responsive and accurate gesture device, many basic tasks such as typing and drawing were rendered impossible. Thus in 2012, we started development of Exvision Gesture System (EGS) with the goal of creating a highly robust gesture tracking technology.

In September 2014 we showcased our first prototype of EGS at Tokyo Game Show. Then in March 2015, we demoed our second prototype at SXSW in Austin, Texas. With overwhelmingly receptive feedback from users, we decided to introduce our EGS technology as a consumer peripheral gesture tracking device. We named it ZKOO…

When we began designing ZKOO, we set three main objectives:

  1. Engineer ZKOO to be the most responsive, accurate, and stable gesture tracking device on the market today.
Deliver compatibility for ZKOO with multi-touch UI and standard platforms including Android & Windows so users can enjoy virtually unlimited content.
Create a more interactive, social gaming & media experience that brings family and friends together in the living room.

We built ZKOO with only off-the-shelf components and designed our software around it. Using readily available hardware components means we can offer ZKOO at an attractive price point and ensure scalability of our technology.

The first version of ZKOO (Kickstarter edition) shipped in June 2016. ZKOO is a continuous work in progress and we strive to develop the world’s finest gesture tracking system by embracing feedback from our users.


Meet The Team

Akio Fujii


Dr. Masatoshi Ishikawa

Co-Founder & CTO

Sakuya (Zak) Morimoto


Shunichi Kajisa

Director of the Board